1 October 2014

The Ignaccio reviewed on the Australian site Blackhearts & Sparrows

At least once, not the Il Marroneto Brunellos under the spotlight, but the Rosso di Montalcino Ignaccio, moreover a label that distinguishes itself within the category because of structure and ambition (not by chance it is released on the market one year later than the rules of the “disciplinare” consent). Vintage 2011 (even if the page refers mistakenly to 2013) has been reviewed by the web site of independent Australian wine shops Blackhearts & Sparrows, that shows to have clear ideas about Sangiovese and the estate as well (they define it “very old school” and “one of the top ten producers in Montalcino”!). In the tasting notes, the wine “features concentrated notes of kirsch and black cherries”, that need time – and oxygenation – to develop “as with most great Italian wines”. At the palate, the Ignaccio is “chewy”, “with leathery, drying tannins that negotiates its high (15%) alcohol with elegance.
You find the link here: http://blackheartsandsparrows.com.au/2014/08/wine-of-the-week-2013-il-marroneto-rosso-di-montalcino-ignaccio/

1 October 2014

L’Ignaccio recensito sul sito australiano Blackhearts & Sparrows

Una volta tanto, sotto la luce dei riflettori non i Brunello de Il Marroneto, ma il Rosso di Montalcino Ignaccio, peraltro un’etichetta che si distingue all’interno della categoria per struttura e ambizione (non a caso rilasciata sul mercato un anno più tardi di quanto il disciplinare consenta). L’annata 2011 (anche se la pagina rimanda erroneamente al 2013) è stata recensita dal sito web di enotecari indipendenti australiani Blackhearts & Sparrows, che mostra di aver le idee chiare in merito al Sangiovese e sull’azienda (la definiscono “molto vecchia scuola” e “uno dei migliori dieci produttori in Montalcino”!). Nelle note di degustazione, il vino si caratterizza per “concentrate note di kirsch e amarene” che necessitano di tempo – e ossigenazione – per svilupparsi “come con la maggior parte dei grandi vini italiani”. Al palato, l’Ignaccio è denso e avvolgente con tannini di grande presa “che bilanciano il suo alcool elevato (15%) con eleganza.
Trovate il link qui: http://blackheartsandsparrows.com.au/2014/08/wine-of-the-week-2013-il-marroneto-rosso-di-montalcino-ignaccio/

23 September 2014

Il nostro Brunello secondo il giornalista americano Charles Scicolone

Il nostro Brunello secondo il giornalista americano Charles Scicolone

IL Marroneto: Traditional Brunello at its Best

Often when I go to a wine tasting, people will recommend that I taste this or that wine and say, “it is your style.” At a recent tasting of the wines from Montcalm imports, everyone I met seemed to be telling me to taste the wines at table #13. A friend even went so far as to bring the winemaker/owner from table 13 to me to introduce him saying, “you must taste his wine.” Finally, I got to table 13. It was obvious that my friends know the kind of wines I like because it was one of my favorite producers of Brunello, IL Marroneto. At the table were the owner/winemaker, Alessandro Mori and his son Jacopo.

Jacopo and Alessandro

Alessandro told me that the wine really makes itself and he only does what is necessary. He has a traditional and minimalist philosophy both in the vineyard and in the cellar. IL Marroneto is one of the 10 historical wineries of Montalcino and was purchased in 1974 by Giuseppe Mori, father Alessandro’s father.

The towers of the city of Siena are the backdrops of the estate’s vineyards located high on the north slope of the hill of Montalcino. The vineyards are at 400 meters and extend to the walls of the town. This is an area where grapes have been cultivated since the times of the Etruscans.

Alessandro said that they grow only Sangiovese grapes and follow a biodynamic approach to cultivation (although not certified), always abiding by the strict Montalcino regulations.  No herbicides are used on the plants.

The wines are aged in coveted Allier and Slovenian oak casks located in the 13th-century tower, which in past centuries was used for drying chestnuts. Learn more at www.ilmarroneto.it

The Wines of IL MarronetoIMG_6117

Rosso di Montalcino “Ignaccio” DOC  2010 100% Sangiovese. The vineyard is at 350 meters, the soil is coarse sand mixed with various minerals and the training system is spurred cordon. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with constant stirring for the first two days. Fermentation lasts for 20/22 days. The wine is aged in oak barrels for 8 months and another 6 months in the bottle before release. Alessandro said that this wine was a declassified Brunello but made in the same way and style. $30IMG_6116

Brunello di Momtalcino DOCG 100% Sangiovese. Fermentation lasts for 11/12 days. The wine is aged in 2,500 liter oak barrels for 39 months and 10 months in the bottle before release. $65IMG_6115

Brunello di Montalcino “Madonna della Grazie”  2009 DOCG 100% Sangiovese. This wine is made from a selection of grapes from the historical vineyards that surround the house. The name of the wine comes from the little 12th century church very near the vineyard, Madonna della Grazie. Fermentation is in Allier oak vats where it remains untouched for 2 days and the fermentation lasts for 20/22 days. The wine is aged in 2,500 liter oak barrels for 41 months and 10 months in bottle before release. $85

These are complex wines with aromas and flavors of citrus, cherry, licorice and mineral notes. They have a wonderful aftertaste and a long finish. They are excellent food wines and will age for a long time.