17 November 2014

Il Marroneto at 5 Grappoli

Il Marroneto at 5 Grappoli

Magic moment at 5 Grappoli by Bibenda. The picture by Giuliano Tomaino resume all the fantastic event.

The picture il be to Claudio Mazzoni at La Posta restaurant in La Spezia





11 November 2014

A Marroneto weekend!

An important weekend for our company. We will in fact on several occasions in the spotlight.

London, Dubai, Milan and Rome are the cities where our wines will show himself.

In London on a tour with Alessandro, including restaurants and events; Dubai , November 16 , at the seminar on Italian wines for the Italian Cuisine World Summit .

Milan always 16 instead we will feature the event open to the public Sangiovese Thoroughbred http://sangiovesepurosangue.sitonline.it

Still 16 evening we’re going to pick up the 5 grappoli of Bibenda .

Have a nice weekend !

6 November 2014

Il Marroneto at Merano Wine Festival

Our company, which next year will bottle its thirtieth year of Brunello, will be present at the next edition of the prestigious festival, a real oenological pearl among wine events.

From 8 to 10 November, in the town of Merano, the Merano Wine Festival will be held, an interesting opportunity to taste our wines.

At the counter Alessandro will present his selections of Brunello, Madonna delle Grazie 2009, the Brunello 2009.

Also space for retrospective with Brunello Marroneto 2001, certainly an interesting trip down memory lane with a vintage wine evaluated very good with 4 stars.

«Merano is a major event for us – explains Alessandro Mori – A moment of confrontation and encounter with the world of wine in a very nice context. Furthermore, this year we feel it more because we get closer and closer to the presentation of vintage year 2010. A particular date considering that the first year bottled by the company was in 1980. I grew up with my wines and this is definitely an important achievement».